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belcarra tidy towns
belcarra tidy towns
belcarra tidy towns
belcarra tidy towns

Belcarra Tidy Towns


Belcarra Tidy Towns was established in 1962 by two local members of the ICA with the intention of upgrading the local area and this year is its 51st anniversary.

Belcarra received its first County award for the tidiest Village in Mayo in 1977. The Belcarra Tidy Towns are still in existence after all these years. consideration is always given to the suggestions and recommended improvements in the Annual Report of the Tidy Towns adjudication, which we receive in September each year. This report takes precedence over all else in planning the year’s work. We also invite local organisations to offer their suggestions and recommendations.

Through the national tidy towns initiative volunteers in our community work together to improve our local environment and made Belcarra a better place to live, work and visit.

Belcarra village has won the county Tidy Towns Award on 14 occasions and consequently attracts many tourists. A tributary of the river Moy runs through the village, and there is ongoing development in the fishing and angling area.


  • To create the opportunities for a quality of life and sense of community for the people in the area now and for future generations
  • To sustain and develop the people, the resources and the environment
  • To create and foster employment and economic opportunities through the proper utilisation of these resources
  • To promote and assist the economic and socio-cultural development of the area
  • To promote the area generally as a place to live, work and visit and to build on the success Belcarra has enjoyed in the Tidy Towns competitions


Painting, letter control, weed control, planting, heritage preservation, wildlife habitat development and street furniture.


Contact any of the Committee members:
Chairperson: Deirdre Nestor (Tel: 086 358 3430)
Secretary: Mary Jo Cannon (Tel: 087 928 2102)
Treasurer: Tony Cunningham / Teresa Walsh (Tel: 087 219 6465)
Other members: Pat Nestor, Cathy Cuffe, John Nestor, Maureen Cunningham, Richard Heneghan, David Cunningham

Tiny Town Reports

Belcarra Tidy Towns 2014 report is available for download here.
Belcarra Tidy Towns 2013 report is available for download here.
Belcarra Tidy Towns 2012 report is available for download here.

Belcarra Community Co-Op


Belcarra Community Co-op is one of the oldest and most successful organisations in the area. Formed in 1975, it is now in its 38th year. The Group Water Scheme originally provided a water supply for 200 homes. It has now grown to supply almost 500 homes plus businesses and land. It is providing one of the cheapest supplies in the country.


Although the Co-op was originally formed to provide a water supply, its aims are to provide services and assistance to the community and to promote and develop Belcarra in every possible way. It has gone from strength to strength and, down through the years tourism, agriculture, employment, enterprise, environment and culture in the area have all been assisted.

Various committee members down through the years have contributed greatly to the success of the Co-op, giving generously of their talents.


A piano and school of music for 50 students have been provided on a continuing basis since 1982.

An archaeological survey of the area was carried out in 1987/89 and a booklet on the findings published, a copy of which is available in Belcarra Community Centre and the County library. In 1989 a video and booklet on the life of parishioner Fr John Blowick, founder of the Maynooth Missions to China, was produced.

Youth projects, sporting and other activities are regularly sponsored and Enterprise days organised to promote local talent.

Mayo Community Futures

In 2011 the Co-op initiated the development of Community Action Plan (2012-2017) for the Belcarra area through the Community Futures initiative. The Belcarra Area Community Action Plan 2012 - 2017 was published in late 2012 and was circulated to each household.

Belcarra Houses for the Elderly (established in 1993)

Following a survey, by Belcarra Conference of the St Vincent de Paul, it was found that there was a large number of people living alone in isolated areas of the community. It was therefore decided to avail of the generous grants available for social housing by the Department of the Environment and with the co-operation of the Mayo County Council a scheme of four houses for the elderly was built opposite the church and all amenities. Two extra houses were built in recent years.

At the rear of the houses an overgrown unsightly area along the river bank was landscaped and a safe fishing area provided for young people.

Belcarra Eviction Cottage (re-enactment of eviction in 2000)

On Sunday 9th July, 2000 members of the local community got together to re-enact the eviction scene. This was a very dramatic event and volunteers participated for the various roles of family, soldiers and neighbours. Copies of the eviction video can be purchased from any Committee Member.

Committee Members:

Chairperson: Mary J Cannon (Tel: 087 928 2102)
Secretary: Anne Earley (Tel: 087 416 7265))
Treasurer: Tony Cunningham Jr (Tel: 087 219 6465)

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belcarra community
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