Sport Field Development

Belcarra, like all vibrant villages has a beating heart at its centre, a Community Centre, Sports Centre, Church, local shops and pubs. To make this village centre complete the Belcarra Community undertook to provide a playground for the children of the locality. A 2-acre field owned by the Catholic Church and located directly across from the Community Centre was identified as the perfect location for a playground and eventually a Community Sports Field. St Jarlaths Trust, Tuam offered the field for sale to the community for €100,000.

The playground was completed, and it provides a great enhancement to the spirit of our village. Immediately fundraising began for the further development of Belcarra Sports Field. Several initiatives were launched including a virtual walk from Belcarra Village County Mayo to our twinned town, Belcarra, British Columbia, Canada which contributed greatly to the financial requirements of this community project.

Voluntary work began on Belcarra Sports Field in February 2020, with earthmoving machinery moving and leveling soil. The onset of Covid halted further progress for 12 months. It may have prevented progress, but it only fueled the desire to overcome the effect of the pandemic. Trojan work was carried out by an army of local volunteers which included many of our young children who seemed to understand the desire and the drive to have a sports field in Belcarra Village to promote outdoor activities and sports.

The field would provide a healthy and safe play and activity area for all ages including Belcarra N.S, Carnacon LGFA, Balla GAA, Manulla FC and the Irish Wheelchair Association who all signed licensing agreements to use the facility once completed.

Once the field was leveled and harrowed, local children picked stones to prepare the ground for seeding which took place in June 2021.

The field now has a fresh green haze of new grass and each day brings us closer to the wonderful occasion when the field will be open to all of the activities that young and old can participate in and enjoy for many years to come.

In the true tradition of community spirit and volunteerism, the young and old of Belcarra Community once again placed their shoulder to the wheel in a true community effort to make where we live a place to be proud of.